1975 – Issue 29 – Evans Barred!

Legendary Welshman Alan Evans had a remarkable year in 1975. In January he was busy cleaning up the British Open and he would end the year with another major title. Yet, somehow Darts World major coverage of him, in that year, seemed to always be about something else:

Somehow Evans was always on the wrong side of officials and organisations. But it should never be forgotten that he was one of the games’ major stars. During its first steps toward TV recognition and a greater professionalisation at the highest level, Evans turned professional and blazed a trail for modern players. (Read our ‘Unsung Heroes’ profile on Evans here.)

In ’75 he claimed the British Open, then a highly valued prize, by defeating Alan Glazier in the final. Later in the year, he would claim his greatest success, more of that later today. But, judging by the article above, its nothing short of miraculous that he ever got to the board.

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