Talking Points

Is ‘The Power’ Considering a Comeback?

Gossip mongers had an unexpected boon last week. During a product launch,...

Darts World – October Print Edition. OUT NOW!

A summary of the latest edition of Darts World. Who's in it, Who's contributed and Why you should have it.

Has Target Discovered the Holy Grail? Will Swiss Point Prove A Game Changer?

Target's latest product launch included what appears to be a revolutionary new pointing...

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Stephen Bunting Gen 3 – Review

The Bullet himself has been a little subdued for a while now, it's...

Carnage! Sprint Review of a Surprise Package.

Brand/Maker: Red Dragon Model...

Nitro Stems “Blow Opposition Away” in Trials.

Red Dragon's Nitro stem came out top of the heap recently after being...

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